Buenos Aires Redefined

One of the loveliest cities in the world, Buenos Aires is also known for its fabulous antiques and vintage fashion collections, brought to this beautiful country by wealthy Europeans after the second World War.  Well, we didn’t find the antique furnishings we were hoping to buy…(the newest generation of those old families had already re-purchased the family treasures we had hoped to acquire for ourselves.)

BUT…What we found in the way of vintage crocodile handbags was INCREDIBLE!!

Always know for beautiful leather-work, there were also a few family businesses dedicated to producing the finest of crocodile skin accessories.  We were the lucky ones who were introduced by an heir of one of these families to the dealer who had acquired the majority of these heirlooms. We were privileged to select from their private collection some of the finest workmanship we’ve ever seen…

You should have seen us in the lobby of the Alvear Palace Hotel before shops opened negotiating for the best of the best of their personal collection. Between café and bunuelos we made some very nice friends and bought some very beautiful vintage handbags…all at incredible prices which we are now passing down to our clients.

Check out two of our finished purses at these links:

Evita Wore It For Years (Well, Maybe)

Croc, Boar and Gold, Oh My!

We're working on a couple more of these creations and will let y'all know when they are ready to be shown to the world. We had more completed purses from this collection, but our clients snatched them up (around $600 a piece) before we could even tell the public about them! Don't fret though, we'll be going back to BA in June and are sure to come back with even more treasures to redefine =). 


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