Redefining Worth Ave... (Someone's Gotta Do It, Right?)

Presenting: The Coach-Lite Collection

So there we were, shopping our little hearts out on Worth Avenue (someone’s gotta do it, right?) and down a private and discreet residential alleyway we come across a huge cache of vintage Coach bags that a lovely widower had no use for after his sweet wife passed away.   

Our heart rates climbed, we drooled like fools, and despite our banker’s reasonable warnings, our luxe-loving sensibilities won out and we took the plunge and convinced our new elderly gentleman friend to sell us the whole collection.

What in the world would we do with forty-four beautifully-cared-for, soft-as-butter, conservative and classic luxury handbags?  Hmmmm. Perhaps we could slowly and carefully Redefine them???         

Each of our vintage bags has been lovingly restored to original condition and brought up to date while preserving its classical feel.  Each is unique; when you buy yours you’ll never see another exactly like it. Reserve your “CoachLite” Handbag now!

When they’re gone, they’re gone!

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